List of American Civil War Battles on 1861

Battle of Fort Sumter April 12 P.G.T. Beauregard fires on Federal fort in Charleston Harbor, the first battle of the American Civil War
Battle of Sewell's Point May 18–19 Union gunboats fight inconclusive battle with Confederate artillery.
Battle of Aquia Creek May 29 – June 1 Confederate artillery hit by naval bombardment, later withdrawn.
Battle of Philippi Races June 3 Union forces rout a small Confederate detachment in West Virginia.
Battle of Big Bethel (Bethel Church) June 10 Union attack on Confederate positions near a church repelled.
Battle of Boonville June 17 Union forces defeat pro-Confederate governor's Missouri State Guard.
Battle of Cole Camp June 19 Pro-Confederate Missouri State Guard defeat pro-Union Missouri Home Guard at Cole Camp
Battle of Hoke's Run July 2 Robert Patterson defeats Jackson's Confederate force but fails to capitalize on his victory.
Battle of Carthage (Dry Fork) July 5 Confederate victory in Missouri during U.S. Civil War.
Battle of Rich Mountain July 11 Confederate force split in half mid-battle; one half surrenders, the other escapes.
Battle of Blackburn's Ford July 18 Irvin McDowell defeated in recon-in-force against Confederate forces at Manassas.
First Battle of Bull Run (Manassas) July 21 Union under McDowell lose to Confederates under J.E. Johnston, P.G.T. Beauregard, Jackson nicknamed "Stonewall".
First Battle of Mesilla July 25 Confederate victory secures the southern part of the New Mexico Territory for the CSA.
Battle of Athens August 5 Union victory in small skirmish in Missouri
Battle of Wilson's Creek - Oak Hills August 10 Union forces lose, first major battle west of the Mississippi.
Battle of Charleston - 1861 August 19 Union force destroys Confederate camp.
Battle of Kessler's Cross Lanes August 26 Confederates surprise and defeat Union forces.
Battle of Hatteras Inlet Batteries August 28–29 Union forces capture two North Carolina forts.
Battle of Dry Wood Creek September 2 Union cavalry from Kansas defeated by Missouri State Guard.
Battle of Carnifex Ferry September 10 Confederates withdraw by night after several hours of fighting.
Battle of Cheat Mountain September 12–15 300 Union troops withstand uncoordinated Confederate attacks.
First Battle of Lexington September 13–20 Union forces badly defeated by Missouri State Guard.
Battle of Liberty - Battle of Blue Mills Landing September 17 Minor Missouri State Guard victory.
Battle of Greenbrier River October 3 Confederates withdraw after inconclusive battle.
Battle of Cockle Creek October 5 Union victory ends Confederate smuggling up the Chincoteague Bay.
Battle of Santa Rosa Island October 9 Union forces repel Confederate attempt to capture island.
Battle of the Head of Passes October 12 Naval forces square-off at the mouth of the Mississippi River.
Battle of Ball's Bluff October 21 550 Union soldiers captured.
Battle of Camp Wildcat October 21 Confederates chased from Cumberland Gap
Battle of Fredericktown October 21 Missouri State Guard defeated.
First Battle of Springfield October 25 Union forces capture town.
Battle of Belmont November 7 Grant captures and destroys Confederate supplies near Cairo, Illinois
Battle of Port Royal November 7 Union fleet under S. F. Du Pont capture Confederate forts at Hilton Head, South Carolina.
Battle of Round Mountain November 19 Confederate forces defeat Opothleyahola near present-day Stillwater.
Battle of Chusto-Talasah December 9 Opothleyahola defeated near present-day Tulsa.
Battle of Camp Allegheny December 13 Confederates withstand Union attack.
Skirmish at Blackwater Creek December 19 Union forces under General Pope capture a newly-recruited Missouri State Guard regiment.
Battle of Dranesville December 20 Union defeats Confederate forces under J.E.B. Stuart.
Battle of Chustenahlah December 26 Opothleyahola defeated, flees to Kansas.
Battle of Mount Zion Church December 28 Union victory in Northeastern Missouri.