List of American Civil War Battles on 1864

Battle of Dandridge January 17 Union forces withdraw.
Battle of Athens 1864 January 26 Union victory in Northern Alabama.
Battle of Fair Garden January 27 Union victory followed by withdrawal.
Battle of Morton's Ford February 6–7 Diversionary Union attack.
Battle of Meridian February 14–20 Sherman occupies town
Battle of Olustee February 20 Union can't take Florida
Battle of Walkerton March 2 controversy surrounding the Dahlgren Affair.
Battle of Paducah March 25 Confederate raid by Forrest successful.
Battle of Elkin's Ferry April 3–4 Confederates unable to prevent Union river crossing.
Battle of Mansfield or Sabine Crossroads April 8 Banks Union Red River Campaign halted by the Confederates.
Battle of Pleasant Hill April 9 Confederate attack fails.
Battle of Prairie D'Ane April 9–13 Frederick Steele defeats Sterling Price.
Battle of Fort Pillow - Fort Pillow Massacre April 12 N.B. Forrest takes fort, massacres black soldiers.
Battle of Plymouth 1864 April 17 Confederate land forces, supported by naval ram, retake two Union forts near Plymouth, North Carolina.
Battle of Poison Spring April 18 Part of Red River Campaign in Arkansas, black troops massacred.
Battle of Monett's Ferry April 23 Confederate forces driven back.
Battle of Marks' Mills April 25 Part of Red River Campaign in Arkansas.
Battle of Jenkins' Ferry April 30 Part of Red River Campaign in Arkansas.
Battle of the Wilderness May 5 Grant and Lee meet inconclusively.
Battle of Albemarle Sound May 5 Indecisive naval battle during U.S. Civil War.
Battle of Port Walthall Junction May 6–7 Union forces destroy railroad
Battle of Cloyd's Mountain May 9 Union victory, Confederate General Albert G. Jenkins killed.
Battle of Swift Creek May 9 Union forces damage railroad, but are stopped by Confederate forces.
Battle of Cove Mountain May 10 Union victory after brief battle.
Battle of Chester Station May 10 Union forces under Benjamin Butler pushed back.
Battle of Yellow Tavern May 11 Union forces win cavalry battle, J.E.B. Stuart is mortally wounded.
Battle of Rocky Face Ridge May 7–13 Indecisive battle near Atlanta.
Battle of Resaca May 13 Sherman defeats Johnston
Battle of New Market May 15 Confederate forces halt Union army under Franz Sigel from advance up Shenandoah Valley.
Battle of Proctor's Creek May 12–16 Beauregard defeats Butler.
Battle of Adairsville May 17 Failed Confederate attempt to destroy part of the Union force approaching Atlanta.
Battle of Ware Bottom Church May 20 Beauregard boxes Butler in.
Battle of Spotsylvania Court House May 8–21 Grant and Lee meet inconclusively, Grant writes to Halleck "I propose to fight it out on this line if it takes all summer".
Battle of Wilson's Wharf May 24 Confederates under Fitzhugh Lee defeated by two Union black regiments.
Battle of North Anna May 23–26 Lee outmaneuvers Grant, but because of illness, he is unable to capitalize.
Battle of New Hope Church May 25–26 Hooker's forces defeated.
Battle of Pickett's Mill May 27 Unsuccessful attack by Sherman on Johnston.
The Battle of Haw's Shop May 28 Union advance halted.
Battle of Dallas May 28 Confederate withdrawal in Georgia.
Battle of Totopotomoy Creek May 28–30 Union forces pushed back.
Battle of Old Church May 30 Union forces drive Confederates back to Cold Harbor.
Battle of Cold Harbor May 31 –
June 12
Lee repulses Grant, Confederate general says "This is not war, this is murder".
Battle of Piedmont June 5 Union forces under David Hunter defeat Confederate defenses on march to Staunton, Virginia, upper Shenandoah Valley.
First Battle of Petersburg June 9 Beauregard defeats Butler.
Battle of Brice's Crossroads June 10 N.B. Forrest routs Union force almost three times as large.
Battle of Trevilian Station June 11–12 Confederate victory, George Armstrong Custer nearly surrounded and has to be rescued by Sheridan.
Second Battle of Petersburg June 15–18 Lee repulses Grant at back door to Richmond.
Battle of Lynchburg June 17 Fake Confederate reinforcements lead to Union retreat.
Battle of Cherbourg - Sinking of CSS Alabama June 19 USS Kearsarge sinks CSS Alabama
Battle of Kolb's Farm June 22 Confederate attack fails due to poor terrain conditions.
Battle of Jerusalem Plank Road June 21–24 Union siege lines extended for Siege of Petersburg.
Battle of Saint Mary's Church June 24 Union forces fight a successful delaying action.
Battle of Kennesaw Mountain June 27 Johnston repulses Sherman.
Battle of Marietta June 6 – July 3 Sherman defeats Johnston.
Battle of Monocacy July 9 Union Gen. Lew Wallace slows up Jubal Early, saving DC.
Battle of Fort Stevens July 11–12 Failed Confederate attempt to capture Washington, D.C., President Lincoln, observing the battle, comes under Confederate fire.
Battle of Camden Point July 13 Union victory.
Battle of Tupelo July 14–15 Union victory, Nathan Bedford Forrest wounded.
Battle of Cool Spring July 18–19
Battle of Rutherford's Farm July 20 Confederates under Jubal Early caught by surprise and defeated.
Battle of Peachtree Creek July 20 (Atlanta Campaign) First Confederate attack against Union forces north of Atlanta fails.
Battle of Atlanta July 22 (Atlanta Campaign) Sherman turns back Hood's attack east of Atlanta.
Second Battle of Kernstown July 24 Jubal Early defeats Union forces.
Battle of Killdeer Mountain July 26 Union forces defeat Sioux.
Battle of Ezra Church July 28 (Atlanta Campaign) Confederate attack on Union army northwest of Atlanta fails to gain element of surprise, finding entrenched Union forces. Union victory.
Battle of the Crater July 30 Lee defeats Burnside.
Battle of Folck's Mill - Battle of Cumberland August 1 Indecisive Civil War battle.
Battle of Utoy Creek August 5–7 (Atlanta Campaign) Indecisive battle on Union right flank near Atlanta.
Second Battle of Dalton August 14–15 Union forces withstand attack until relieved.
Battle of Gainesville August 17
Battle of Globe Tavern August 18–21 Confederate forces lose control of railroads at Petersburg.
Battle of Lovejoy's Station August 20 Confederates repel Union raiders attacking the station.
Second Battle of Memphis August 21 Partially successful Confederate raid.
Battle of Mobile Bay August 23 David Farragut takes port, says "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead".
Second Battle of Ream's Station August 25 Union lines overrun by Confederates.
Battle of Jonesborough August 31 –
September 1
William J. Hardee's Confederates defeated, resulting in Atlanta's fall the following day.
Battle of Opequon - Third Battle of Winchester September 19 Sheridan defeats Early, several officers killed or wounded on both sides.
Battle of Fisher's Hill September 21–22 Successful Union frontal assault.
Battle of Fort Davidson-Battle of Pilot Knob September 27 Union forces detonate their own fort after losing to Confederates.
Battle of Marianna September 27 Union victory during cavalry raid into Florida panhandle.
Battle of Chaffin's Farm and New Market Heights September 29–30 Union forces victorious, but fail to capture several forts.
Battle of Peebles' Farm September 30 –
October 2
Union victory near Petersburg.
Battle of Saltville I October 1–3 Confederates defeat Union Black Cavalry, war crimes committed against captured blacks.
Battle of Allatoona Pass October 5 Union fortifications hold.
Battle of Darbytown Road October 7 Confederate attack repelled near Richmond.
Battle of Tom's Brook October 9 Union cavalry defeats Confederates.
Battle of Glasgow 1964 October 15 Union forces surrender.
Second Battle of Lexington October 19 Union forces driven out of town.
Battle of Cedar Creek October 19 Sheridan defeats Early, drives Confederates from Shenandoah Valley.
Battle of Little Blue River October 21 Confederate victory in Missouri.
Second Battle of Independence October 22 Union forces occupy town.
Battle of Byram's Ford October 22–23 Confederates under Marmaduke defeated.
Battle of Westport October 23 Union forces win decisive battle to take control of Missouri.
Battle of Marais des Cygnes October 25 Price's Confederates pursued into Kansas.
Battle of Mine Creek October 25 Price's army crushed, flees back into Missouri.
Battle of Marmiton River October 25 Price escapes Union pursuit.
Battle of Decatur October 26–29 Confederates unable to cross river.
Battle of Boydton Plank Road October 27–28 Union forces take control of road, but withdraw after battle.
Second Battle of Newtonia October 28 James G. Blunt defeats Joseph O. Shelby.
Battle of Johnsonville November 4–5 Confederates bombard Union forces during the night after a fire starts near union positions.
Battle of Bull's Gap November 11–13 Minor Confederate victory during U.S. Civil War.
Sherman's March to the Sea November 16 –
December 21
Sherman advances from Atlanta to Savannah, Georgia, destroying Southern infrastructure along a wide path.
Battle of Columbia November 24 Confederates divert attention.
First Battle of Adobe Walls November 25 Kit Carson fights Kiowa forces to a draw, but manages to destroy their settlement.
Battle of Sand Creek November 29 U.S. forces massacre Cheyenne and Arapaho.
Battle of Spring Hill November 29 Confederate mistakes allow Federal forces to redeploy, leading to the Battle of Franklin.
Battle of Franklin 1864 November 30 Hood attacks Schofield but suffers crushing losses; Pickett's Charge of the West.
Battle of Waynesboro - Georgia December 4 Kilpatrick stops Wheeler from attacking Sherman.
Third Battle of Murfreesboro December 5–7 Confederate raid mostly unsuccessful.
First Battle of Fort Fisher December 7–27 Failed Union attempt to take fort.
Battle of Nashville December 15–16 Thomas attacks and virtually destroys Hood's Confederate Army of Tennessee.
Battle of Anthony's Hill December 24 Forrest turns back Union pursuers after the Battle of Nashville.