List of American Civil War Battles on 1865

Battle of Dove Creek January 8 Texas State Militia and CS troops are defeated by Kickapoo Indians.
Second Battle of Fort Fisher January 15 Union takes fort.
Battle of Rivers' Bridge February 3 Union forces capture river crossing.
Battle of Hatcher's Run February 5 Union force launch unexpected attack.
Battle of Fort Myers February 20 Southernmost land battle of the war.
Battle of Wilmington (North Carolina) February 22 Last Confederate port falls.
Battle of Waynesboro March 2 Remnants of Confederate Army of the Valley are destroyed.
Battle of Natural Bridge March 6 Confederate victory in Florida prevents the capture of Tallahassee.
Battle of Wyse Fork March 7–10 Confederate attacks repelled by Union artillery.
Battle of Averasborough March 16 Union and Confederate forces attack one another in turn, both attacks fail.
Battle of Bentonville March 19–21 Sherman defeats Confederates
Battle of Fort Stedman March 25 Lee attempts to break siege.
Battle of Lewis's Farm March 29 Union forces capture Confederate earthworks.
Battle of White Oak Road March 31 Confederate forces under Richard H. Anderson defeated.
Battle of Dinwiddie Court House March 31 Pickett defeats Sheridan.
Battle of Five Forks April 1 Sheridan routs Confederates in last important battle of American Civil War.
Battle of Selma April 2 Wilson defeats Forrest.
Third Battle of Petersburg April 2 Grant defeats Lee.
Battle of Sutherland's Station April 2 Lee's supply lines are cut.
Battle of Namozine Church April 3 Several Confederates captured, Custer's brother earns Medal of Honor.
Battle of Sayler's Creek April 6 Union victory, Lee realizes his army will not last long.
Battle of High Bridge April 6–7 Union forces thwart Lee's attempts to burn bridges and to resupply, Grant proposes that Lee surrender, but he refuses.
Battle of Cumberland Church April 7 Union forces attack Confederate rearguard, but darkness cuts the attack short.
Battle of Spanish Fort March 27 – April 8 Union forces capture fort just east of Mobile.
Battle of Appomattox Station April 8 Union forces thwart Lee's final attempt to resupply.
Battle of Fort Blakely April 2–9 Union forces capture fort outside of Mobile.
Battle of Appomattox Court House April 9 Lee's forces surrounded. He subsequently surrenders.
Battle of West Point April 16 Union victory during final phase of U.S. Civil War.
Battle of Columbus (1865) April 16 Union victory during final phase of U.S. Civil War.
Battle of Anderson May 1 Minor skirmish.
Battle of Palmito Ranch May 12–13 Confederate victory in Texas during final phases of the Civil War.