List of American Civil Battles on 1862

Battle of Cockpit Point January 3 Inconclusive Civil War battle in Virginia.
Battle of Hancock-Romney Campaign January 5–6 Unsuccessful Confederate attack on Maryland town.
Battle of Roan's Tan Yard January 8 Confederates routed.
Battle of Middle Creek January 10 Union forces under James A. Garfield defeat Confederates under Humphrey Marshall.
Battle of Mill Springs January 19 Union victory, Felix Zollicoffer killed.
Battle of Fort Henry February 6 Ulysses S. Grant and gunboats under Andrew Hull Foote take fort and gain control of Tennessee River
Battle of Roanoke Island February 7–8 Union forces under Ambrose E. Burnside capture island.
Battle of Elizabeth City February 10 Destruction of the Mosquito Fleet.
Battle of Fort Donelson February 11–16 Grant takes fort, accepts surrender of Confederate army, and gains control of Cumberland River
Battle of Valverde Ford February 20–21 Union forces routed in New Mexico Territory.
Battle of Pea Ridge March 7 Missouri saved for Union
Battle of Hampton Roads March 9 USS Monitor battles CSS Virginia, battle ends in a draw.
Battle of New Bern March 14 Union troops disembark from ships and capture the town.
First Battle of Kernstown March 23 Union forces defeat Confederates under "Stonewall" Jackson.
Battle of Glorieta Pass March 26–28 Union forces outmaneuver Confederates near Santa Fe.
Battle of Stanwix Station March 30 Westernmost skirmish of the war.
Battle of Shiloh April 6–7 Ulysses S. Grant attacked by Albert Sidney Johnston and P.G.T. Beauregard, defeats them.
Battle of Fort Pulaski April 10–11 Union takes fort.
Battle of Island Number 10 February 28 –
March 8
Union victory by Pope.
Battle of Peralta April 15 Union forces defeat the 5th Texas Mounted Volunteers.
Battle of Picacho Pass April 15 Confederate pickets defeat Union cavalry patrol.
Battle of South Mills April 19 Confederates thwart attempt to destroy a canal.
Battle of Fort Macon March 23–26 Confederate fort surrenders after Union artillery bombardment.
Battle of New Orleans April 25 – May 1 Union forces capture city.
Battle of Yorktown April 5 – May 4 Union troops win skirmish near site of decisive Revolutionary War battle.
Battle of Williamsburg - Battle of Fort Magruder May 5 McClellan and Longstreet fight inconclusive battle.
Battle of Eltham's Landing May 7 Inconclusive Civil War battle in Virginia.
Battle of McDowell - Sitlington's Hill May 8–9 Stonewall Jackson's Confederates defeat Union forces.
Battle of Drewry's Bluff May 15 Union naval attack repelled by Confederate artillery.
Battle of Whitney's Lane May 19 Union campaign towards Little Rock, Arkansas halted.
Battle of Front Royal May 23 Stonewall Jackson forces Union retreat by threatening the rear of the Union force.
First Battle of Winchester May 25 Stonewall Jackson defeats Nathaniel P. Banks.
Battle of Hanover Court House May 27 Union victory during U.S. Civil War.
First Battle of Corinth - Siege of Corinth April 29 – May 30 Union forces capture town, Beauregard tricks Union in order to escape to Tupelo.
Battle of Seven Pines - Battle of Fair Oaks May 31 – June 1 J.E. Johnston attacks Union forces, wounded, inconclusive
Battle of Tranter's Creek June 5 Confederate forces retreat after Colonel Singletary is killed.
First Battle of Memphis June 6 Union forces capture the city.
First Battle of Chattanooga June 7–8 Union forces bombard the town.
Battle of Cross Keys June 8 John C. Fremont defeated by elements of Stonewall Jackson's force.
Battle of Port Republic June 9 Costly victory for Stonewall Jackson.
First Battle of James Island June 16 Union fails to take town, Union commander later court-martialed for disobeying orders.
Battle of St. Charles June 17 The USS Mound City is hit by Confederate shore gun and explodes.
Seven Days Battles June 25 – July 1 Lee's successful counter offensive against McClellan.
Battle of Oak Grove June 25 (Seven Days) Indecisive battle between McClellan and Lee.
Battle of Mechanicsville June 26 (Seven Days) Robert E. Lee defeated.
First Battle of Cold Harbor June 27 (Seven Days) Lee defeats McClellan.
Battle of Garnett's and Golding's Farms June 27–28 (Seven Days) Indecisive battle between Lee and McClellan.
Battle of Savage's Station June 29 (Seven Days) Union forces withdraw.
Battle of White Oak Swamp June 30 Indecisive artillery duel during U.S. Civil War.
Battle of Glendale June 30 (Seven Days) McClellan retreats from Lee's Confederates.
Battle of Tampa June 30 – July 1 Union gunboat attacks, but later withdraws.
Battle of Malvern Hill July 1 (Seven Days) McClellan defeats Lee but withdraws after battle.
Battle of Hill's Plantation July 7 Union victory in Arkansas.
First Battle of Murfreesboro July 13 Confederate victory during American Civil War.
Battle of Baton Rouge-Magnolia Cemetery August 5
Battle of Kirksville August 6–9 Union forces capture town.
Battle of Cedar Mountain August 9 Union forces repelled by Confederate counter-attack.
First Battle of Independence August 11 Confederate victory near Kansas City.
Battle of Little Compton Ferry August 11
Battle of Lone Jack August 15–16 Confederate victory, Union commander killed. Rebels forced to withdraw after battle.
Battle of Fort Ridgely August 21–22 Failed Santee Sioux attack on Union controlled fort.
First Battle of Rappahannock Station August 22–25 Union supplies destroyed during skirmish.
Battle of Manassas Station Operations August 25–27 Jackson conducts turning movement into Pope's rear area, destroying Manassas Station.
Battle of Thoroughfare Gap August 28 Longstreet defeats small Union force to arrive at Manassas battlefield.
Second Battle of Bull Run
or Second Manassas
August 28–30 Lee defeats Pope's Army of Virginia
Battle of Richmond August 30 Edmund Kirby Smith routs Union army under Brig. Gen. William "Bull" Nelson.
Battle of Chantilly - Battle of Ox Hill September 1 Union forces escape from nearly being cut off, Isaac Stevens and Philip Kearny are killed.
Battle of South Mountain September 14 McClellan defeats Lee.
Battle of Harpers Ferry September 12–15 Stonewall Jackson captures Union garrison.
Battle of Antietam September 17 McClellan ends Lee's invasion of North, bloodiest day of war.
Battle of Munfordville - Battle of Green River September 17–18 Union force surrenders.
Battle of Iuka September 19 Grant is victorious near Mississippi town.
Battle of Shepherdstown September 19–20 Confederate brigades counterattack and defeat pursuing Union brigades.
First Battle of Newtonia September 30 Union forces panic under bombardment from Confederate artillery.
Second Battle of Corinth October 3–4 Confederate attack fails.
Battle of Hatchie's Bridge October 5 Confederate force under Earl Van Dorn escapes across river.
Battle of Perryville October 8 Tactically indecisive battle that ended Braxton Bragg's Kentucky campaign.
Skirmish at Island Mound October 27–29
Battle of Clark's Mill November 7 Union force surrenders to larger Confederate force.
Battle of Cane Hill November 28 Small Confederate force delays Union while larger force escapes.
Battle of Prairie Grove December 7 Union secures NW Arkansas.
Battle of Hartsville December 7 Disguised in Union uniforms, Confederates infiltrate and defeat Union forces.
Battle of Fredericksburg December 13 Lee beats back repeated frontal assaults by Burnside.
Battle of Kinston December 14 Union forces under John G. Foster defeat Confederates under Nathan Evans.
Battle of White Hall Ferry December 16 Foster fights indecisive battle with Beverly Robertson.
Battle of Goldsboro Bridge December 17 Foster defeats Confederates and destroys the bridge.
Battle of Jackson -Tennessee December 19 Confederate feint to distract Union forces.
Battle of Chickasaw Bayou - Walnut Hills December 26–29 (Vicksburg Campaign) Union attack on Confederate right flank thwarted.
Battle of Parker's Cross Roads December 31 Confederates repel Union double-pronged assault.