List of American Civil War Battles on 1863

Battle of Stones River December 31, 1862 –
January 2, 1863
Forces fight to draw
Second Battle of Springfield January 8 Confederates enter town, but are unable to take nearby fort.
Battle of Fort Hindman or Arkansas Post January 9 Part of Vicksburg Campaign, fight for control of mouth of Arkansas River.
Battle of Hartville January 9–11 Confederates are victorious, but unable to continue raid.
Bear River Massacre - Battle of Bear River January 29 Shoshone forces massacred by Union troops.
Battle of Dover - Second Battle of Fort Donelson February 3 Failed Confederate attack on town.
Battle of Thompson's Station March 5 Confederate victory in Tennessee.
Battle of Fort Anderson or Deep Gully March 13–15 Daniel H. Hill leads unsuccessful Confederate attack on New Bern.
Battle of Kellysville - Battle of Kelly's Ford March 17 Indecisive cavalry battle during Civil War.
Battle of Vaught's Hill - Battle of Milton March 20 Union forces withstand attack by John Hunt Morgan's Confederates.
Battle of Brentwood March 25 Union force surrenders.
The Battle of Washington March 30 – April 20 Hill unable to take North Carolina town from Union forces.
Battle of Franklin April 10 Confederates withdraw after rearguard defeat.
Battle of Suffolk or Siege of Suffolk April 11 – May 4 Twin indecisive battles at Norfleet House and Hill's Point fought over town.
Battle of Cape Girardeau April 26 Confederate attack fails.
Battle of Grand Gulf April 29 Unsuccessful naval attack by Grant's forces.
Battle of Snyder's Bluff April 29 – May 1 Union feint during Vicksburg Campaign.
Battle of Day's Gap April 30 Union victory during a raid in Alabama.
Battle of Chancellorsville April 30 – May 6 Lee defeats Hooker's Army of Potomac, Jackson mortally wounded.
Battle of Port Gibson May 1 in Vicksburg campaign, Grant defeats Confederates
Battle of Chalk Bluff May 1–2 Confederates win but can't continue raid.
Second Battle of Fredericksburg May 3 Union forces under John Sedgwick defeat Confederate forces left to guard the town by Lee.
Battle of Salem Church May 3–4 Lee defeats Sedgwick.
Battle of Raymond May 12 Failed Confederate attempt to protect Vicksburg from approaching Federals.
Battle of Jackson - Mississippi May 14 Sherman, McPherson defeat Johnston
Battle of Champion Hill or Bakers Creek May 16 Grant defeats Confederates.
Battle of Big Black River Bridge May 17 Confederate forces trapped in Vicksburg.
Battle of Plains Store May 21 Union victory near Baton Rouge.
Battle of Milliken's Bend June 7 Confederates unable to break Siege of Vicksburg.
Battle of Brandy Station or Fleetwood Hill June 9 Pleasonton surprises J.E.B. Stuart's cavalrymen in their camps near Brandy Station.
Second Battle of Winchester June 13–15 Confederate victory paves way for Lee's invasion.
Battle of Aldie June 17 Indecisive battle during Robert E. Lee's march north.
Battle of Middleburg June 17–19 J.E.B. Stuart retreats from engagement with Union cavalry.
Battle of Upperville June 21 Indecisive cavalry battle during Lee's invasion.
Battle of Hoover's Gap June 24–26 Union victory prevents Confederates in Tennessee from coming to the aid of Vicksburg.
Battle of Goodrich's Landing June 29–30 Confederates drive Union Black Regiments off of several plantations.
Battle of Hanover June 30 J.E.B. Stuart forced to change his route, delaying his efforts to unite with Lee's force outside Gettysburg.
Battle of Gettysburg July 1–3 Lee loses to Meade, Pickett's Charge fails, ends second invasion of North.
Siege of Vicksburg May 18 – July 4 the siege ends; Grant accepts surrender of second Confederate army.
Battle of Helena July 4 Confederate assault on river port fails securing eastern Arkansas for Union.
Battle of Boonsboro July 8 indecisive action at rearguard of Lee's retreat.
Siege of Port Hudson May 21 – July 9 last Confederate stronghold on Mississippi surrenders.
Battle of Corydon July 9 Confederate raid results in civilian casualties, including a Lutheran minister.
Second Battle of Fort Wagner July 11 first of two Union attempts to take Ft. Wagner.
Battle of Williamsport or Hagerstown July 6–16 Meade and Lee fight indecisive battle.
Battle of Apache Pass July 15–16 Union soldiers fight with Apache warriors.
Battle of Honey Springs July 17 In Indian Territory, two largely Black and Native American forces meet. Union victory.
Second Battle of Fort Wagner July 18 second of two Union attempts to take Ft. Wagner fails, heroism of the 54th Massachusetts.
Battle of Manassas Gap July 23 Indecisive battle by day, Confederates withdraw by night.
Battle of Big Mound July 24–25 Union forces defeat Santee and Teton Sioux forces.
Battle of Dead Buffalo Lake July 26 Sibley defeats Sioux forces.
Battle of Salineville July 26 Confederate Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan surrenders in Ohio: the Northernmost U.S. Civil War Battle.
Battle of Stony Lake July 28 Sioux forces escape Union forces in pursuit.
Second Battle of Fort Sumter August 17 –
September 9
Union attempt to retake fort fails even after massive bombardment and naval attack.
Second Battle of Chattanooga August 21 –
September 8
Union captures town.
Battle of Lawrence Massacre August 23 Quantrill's Raiders pillage the city.
Battle of Devil's Backbone September 1 Union victory after heavy fighting.
Battle of Whitestone Hill September 3–5 Union forces defeat several Native American tribes including Sioux and Blackfeet.
Second Battle of Sabine Pass September 8 Confederate forces place stakes in river to help aim their guns at Union ships, Confederate victory.
Battle of Bayou Fourche September 10 Union victory allows for capture of Little Rock.
Battle of Davis's Cross Roads September 10–11 Union forces establish defensive positions prior to Chickamauga.
Battle of Chickamauga September 19 Bragg defeats Rosecrans, George Thomas of US anointed "The Rock of Chickamauga"
Battle of Blountville September 22 Union forces capture town.
Battle of Fort Blair October 6 Quantrill's Raiders massacre Union Black Troops during U.S. Civil War.
Battle of Blue Springs October 10 Confederate forces overrun.
First Battle of Auburn October 13 J.E.B. Stuart escapes by hiding in a ravine.
Second Battle of Auburn October 14 Confederates attack Union rearguard, indecisive.
Battle of Bristoe Station October 14 Meade defeats elements of Lee's forces, but Confederates destroy railroad during retreat.
Battle of Buckland Mills October 19 Union cavalry caught in ambush, defeated.
Battle of Pine Bluff October 25 Confederate attack fails.
Battle of Wauhatchie October 28–29 Longstreet defeated by Union forces.
Battle of Collierville November 3 Abortive Confederate attack on the town.
Second Battle of Rappahannock Station November 7 Union forces surge across river, forcing Lee to retreat.
Battle of Campbell's Station November 16 Confederate double-envelopment attempt fails.
Third Battle of Chattanooga November 23–25 Grant defeats Braxton Bragg and relieves Union forces besieged in Chattanooga
Battle of Ringgold Gap November 27 Confederates under Patrick Cleburne defeat Union forces under Joseph Hooker.
Battle of Fort Sanders November 29 Longstreet unable to take fort due to poor quality gunpowder.
Battle of Mine Run November 27 –
December 2
Meade bombards Lee's Confederates but then withdraws.
Battle of Bean's Station December 14 Union forces withdraw a short distance.
Battle of Mossy Creek December 29 Confederate cavalry forced back.