The Second Battle of Fort Sumter was fought on September 9, 1863, in Charleston Harbor. Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard, who had commanded the defenses of Charleston and captured Fort Sumter in the first battle of the war, was in overall command of the defenders.

Union forces under Major General Quincy Gillmore attempted to retake the fort at the mouth of the harbor. Union gunners pummeled the fort from their batteries on Morris Island. After a severe bombing of the fort, Beauregard suspecting an attack replaced the artillerymen and all but one of the fort's guns with 320 infantrymen, who repulsed the naval landing party. Gillmore had reduced Fort Sumter to a pile of rubble, but the Confederate flag still waved over the ruins.
Second Battle of Fort Sumter
Part of the American Civil War
Date September 9, 1863
Location Charleston, South Carolina
Result Confederate victory
United States United States Confederate States of America Confederate States
Commanders and leaders
Quincy Gillmore P.G.T. Beauregard