The Battle of Sewell's Point took place from May 18–19, 1861, in Norfolk County, Virginia as part of the blockade of Chesapeake Bay during the American Civil War.

Two Union gunboats, including USS Monticello, dueled with Confederate batteries on Sewell's Point in an attempt to enforce the blockade of Hampton Roads. The two sides did each other little harm.

Battle of Sewell's Point
Part of the American Civil War
Date May 18–19, 1861
Location Norfolk, Virginia
Result Inconclusive
United States United States (Union) Confederate States of America CSA (Confederacy)
Commanders and leaders
D.L. Braine Walter Gwynn
Peyton H. Colquitt
Two gunboats battery garrison
Casualties and losses
10 total (US and CS) 10 total (US and CS)